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Laser/Light combo

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Looking for a laser/light combo for my Glock 23c. I've been looking at the streamlight models, and I understand they're if good quality, but a little to rich for a fireman's salary. Haha. Anybody have any recommendations for a good laser/light combo that won't be so harsh on cash flow?
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Most of the stuff I buy, even guns are used. So, I guess you could call me a bargain hunter. Never had a need for a laser or light on a handgun till I started loosing my eyesight from glucoma/retinopathy. So, I had been thinking about lights, red dots and lasers lately for both handguns and rifles.

Anyway, I was at Wally World a couple of weeks ago looking at red dots and lasers. Figured tehy might have something for "Pancho El Cheapo" there. Tried Academy Sports and their lowest priced ones were @ 80 bucks.

Found a "Center Point" brand laser Model 742, IIRC. I will have to find the instuctions later. I was going to put it on an AR-15, but decided to go with a handun I had cause I could use a flashlight at night in the other hand. The laser was only @ 30-40 bucks. Can't remember that either cause I bought a better red dot sight along with it. Seems like both were about 85 bucks including tax.

I have a G23, but just recently got it and hate to put wear on it. I have been carrying an LC9 alot, but it does not have a rail on it and I like to keep it small. So, I had a couple of full size guns to try it on. The SW40VE I use alot has a proprietary rail and the laser would not go on it. Only other poly frame gun I had was a Taurus 24/7 in .45 acp. It fit fine on it. Just the standard Weaver type mount will work. It also mounted on my ARs as well. Same mount. It has a manual switch at the back, so ya have to leave enough room to push the "on" button. It also came with a fugly coiled up cord like a cell phone charger cord. That has a remote switch on it and might work o.k. on a rifle. But it really sucked on the handgun. So I opted for the manual switch.

So far it has worked and has not lost it zero from the .45s pounding it. I have only fired a few mags through it. I use the gun around the yard due to javelinas wandering up and fighting with out dogs. We live on a ranch out of town. So, I just shoot where I want. Ya may want to check one out if ya find one. Easy to see at night, hard to see indaylight. It has @ a .40" dot at 10 yaards which is more than enough for combat distances. I'll try to post some pics later.
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Awesome. I have a Glock 27 and a Glock 23c. It would be attached to the 23c overnight in case the need arises. I now have a stand alone flashlight on the stand next to my bed, right next to my pistols. I want to eliminate a step in having to grab my light and my pistol if someone decides to come in.
I don't have a Glock, but I do own two lasers. We have a CrimsonTrace on my wifes Ruger LCP380 and I use an Armalaser on my CPX-2. The Ruger came with the laser and it was dead nuts on right out of the box. I added the ArmaLaser to the CPX myself. It took a little tweaking but it's right on now. I haven't had any problems with them and I am happy with both. Lasers do limit your choice of holsters a little though, but it's not a big deal. There are millions out there.
The Laserlyte Sight SCV3 fits my Witness P very well. Extremely low profile in height and width. Needed to file down the binding screw to remove/reduce the snag factor.
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