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So I picked up a new 527 yesterday in .204 Ruger at my LGS. It is my 4th CZ rifle but my first .204 in any brand. It came with the factory 1” rings.

After I purchased the gun, I went to Cabelas to shop scopes. Ended up getting sold on a Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50. It is a 30mm tubed scope and they had no dove tail rings in 30mm in stock. So I ordered a set from Amazon. should be in next week or so.

question is this: Do you guys think that is too much scope (magnification) for that gun. The truth is that I will rarely be shooting over 300 yds and mostly <200. I spent $400 plus tax on the scope. Since ot has not been mounted yet, I’ve been kicking around in my head returning the scope and maybe going with something more like a 5-14x40 in a Leupold or Nikon.

I have Nikons and Leupolds but have never owned a Vortex. I have Nikons on two other CZ rifles as a matter of fact.

Any opinions are welcome.

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