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The 500 series comprises widely varying models of hammerless, pump action repeaters, all of which share the same basic receiver and action, but differ in bore size, barrel length, choke options, magazine capacity, and "furniture" ( stock and forearm) materials.

Pictured above is my Mossberg 500 Cruiser chambered in 12 gauge with an 8+1 capacity.

I have it configured with a pistol grip, but also own a full length stock.
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Good Cruiser ya got there SHOOTER!!!

A pic of a Mossberg Model 44US in .22 LR cal. There were many model similar to this one that were used as training rifles. Some were shipped to the British during WWII and are proof marked in Bristihs tons. Bolt actions. This one is not, so it is a commercial gun. It has a heavy 7/8 ths inch barreland target peep sights. Also has a heavy stock.Gun in intended mostly for target shooting. The gun has a 5 round detachable box magazine. It is extremely accurate. Sights are froma later model 44LS as originals were not functioning. The rifle was put together from several different rifles of simialr make. It was used by my kids in 4H shooting competions in Jr. High school.

A Mossberg 715T in .22 LR. Cal. Nothing more than a Mossy "Plinkster" .22 in AR "Drag" It does have a 25 round magazine and came with working AR-15 type sights and a true to form flash hider. Collapsible buttstock also. Has a red dot sight mounted on it. Working rails on forend and top, flattop AR style. Plain blowback action. Very reliable and accurate.

Mossy 500, 12 gauge pump shotgun. 5 fround tubular magazine. Vent rib. Poly stock Interchangeable chokes.

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My favorite Mossy, 142A T handle

My 44US commercial

The Wall of Mossbergs: there's a 42M and a 46M that aren't in there.

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I got your Mossberg 715T, and raise you on daughter who loves it so much, I can't get it away from her ! She bought a Savage 22wmr, and she is dead accurate, now she has a CZ in her sights !


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now she has a CZ in her sights !
Good for her!

Got a specific model in mind?
Good to see a father and daughter enjoying the shooting sports...I take my daughter often too !!
My old 500. Just can't kill it. all the interior parts are anodized. It came w/ this camo pattern.

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Nice JP !!
Nice JP !!
TY. I bought it used around 1990. I've only seen one other like it in 20ga.
Must have been a Store run. Best $100.00 I ever spent. Great duck gun even w/ the short 20" barrel.
Just purchased this Mossberg 590A1 at the PA NG Armory Gun Show in NE Philadelphia on 5/17/2014...


Gauge: 12
Chamber: 3"
Capacity: 9
Barrel: 20"
Sights: Ghost Ring
Stock: Black Synthetic
Choke: Cylinder Bore
Barrel Finish: Parkerized
LOP: 14"
Overall Length: 41"
Weight: 7.25 lbs
Packed for Shipment: 5/7/2014

I'll be first in line at the gun range tomorrow...!!

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Why does Mossberg do such a beautiful job on their shotguns, yet their lower end rifles are a disaster?
Never shot a Mossberg rifle...which one in particular bws !?
715T. It's nothing more than a plinkster that's been wrapped up to look like an ar.

They're made in Brazil, the 25 round mags are a real piece of work, while you're loading, you get to somewhere around 10 or 12 rounds and it because extremely difficult to add more rounds. I can't figure out if the throat of the magazine is just a hair wider than it has to be and the rounds slide around as if it were a double stack mag. All of that in conjunction with the fact that the magazine is actually composed of an upper assembly and a lower assembly, with the upper being all metal and the lower is all plastic, but some genius, decided to insert a small angel so they could make the 25 round magazine look like an AR magazine.

As I stated in another post, the peep sight and front post are beautifully made. They feel like machined aluminum and they're solid. If I ever get something with a long rail, I may just cannibalize those and put them on whatever new weapon I put together..

It' seems to be rather finicky about what kind of ammo you feed it. Just like the age old argument of "taste great or less filling", chevy vs. ford, ferrari vs lamborghini, usable ammo types will vary. I've read where lots of people have had luck with the hot cci rounds, which I happen to use a lot of in my pistol. I can't go 3 or 4 rounds without a stove pipe. I've tried Remington, Winchester, CCI, Eley and Federal, with the latter working the best.

I've polished the feed ramp and I clean my weapons after every use, unless specified by the manufacturer.

Also, when it comes to disassembling the rifle, getting the AR shell off is a few screws, no big deal, but once removed, dissembling the receiver assembly, you see just how cheaply made this thing is. The charging handle is actually a free floating piece, above the bolt, and is locked in to place via a tongue & groove, for the lack of a better description.

Other little idiosyncrasies: lots of mold flashing, the magazine release can be a little problematic.

On the plus side, when you find an ammo combination that works consistently, it's a fun little rifle, but results may vary.

I was hanging around at a mossberg forum for awhile and page after page of complaints, as well as everybody arguing which ammo would work best. All the crap I had problems with, others swore worked perfectly, conversely, stuff I've used, others couldn't get to cycle properly.

Every problem I see in the 715T is directly attributed to poor designs, poorer assembly & horrible quality control. Like I said, results may vary, but every one I've seen, held or shot has had a personality of its own.
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Meanwhile, the base rifle, the 107 Plinkster, is nice and light, dependable, and accurate despite my son's having a terrible trigger.

Mossberg 46B(a), they hold a ton of shells in that long tube under the 26" barrel, as in 20 LR, or 30 shorts.

They also have a dust cover bolted onto the bolt, that covers the ejection port.

And a rear sight that can be changed from aperture/peep to V-Notch, just ignore the wonderful dried oil/grease that I removed later.

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