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Ok Guy's/Gal's

If you read any of my other post's, I bought a CZ Sharptail SXS Coachgun off an Online dealer. When I received it straight out of the unopened box the left barrel hammer would not cock. Sent back to CZ in Kansas City, they said up to 4 weeks to Six weeks turn around. It actually was back in approx. one week to my front door.

The Sharptail comes with a 14" LOP, which is way to long for me. I am only 5'5" tall. I usually like my rifles/shotguns LOP at 12.5" but I cut this one down to 13" LOP. Feels pretty good. Mounted some sling swivels on her and a sling. Put a 3/4" recoil pad on her and she is ready to go. I also like the feel of soft wood without all the poly on it. I like a wax finish without any stain. So I stripped the wood down and that is exactly what I did . The wax finish.

Took her out today and fired her with no problems. Very happy with her now. Fits me and does just what she is suppose too. I know she is not every bodies cup of tea, but she is mine and works and looks just like I like.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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