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I lost one of the CZ 2075 Rami grip screw bushing several weeks ago and was hunting a replacement online but it seems that these unique and VERY small parts have completely disappeared from every website I had checked. I contacted CZ directly about the grip screw bushing part...I received a kind answer back from CZ a few days later (below and unedited)

"Good afternoon,
Please note that this is the request form for firearm service and we would be unable to assist you in this department. Our Parts department can be reached at [email protected] if you have any further questions regarding parts availability.
Unfortunately we have discontinued this model and all supply of 0600168001 has been exhausted. We do not anticipate receiving more of this part from the factory, as production is focused on current models, especially due to ongoing issues with the global supply chain disruption.
However, you may sign up to be notified if they return to stock, which can be found on the webstore here: GRIP SCREW BUSHING 40B/RAMI
Thank you,"

Seeing that none of these Rami bushings were being made, none are available, and I have not yet figured out how to use this magic wand...I contacted a machinist/gunsmith friend of mine to make some of these little buggers from scratch. They are dimensionally exact duplicates of the OEM originals. I'm keeping 20 pieces of the 1000 piece lot, the rest I may sell. You would think a company like CZ could crank out a 100k or so for global demand but guess not. Gladtameetyall!
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