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New Arkansas member

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Glad to be here. I'm a 30 something year old husband and father trying to juggle gun time, reloading time, Chevelle time, drag racing time, after school activities, a job and keeping the wife happy all at once. It's hard! Lol

Looking forward to discussing our wonderful CZ firearms!
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Welcome to the forum. We're glad you're here.
Welcome, and good luck... Hope you live way outside of city limits, really helps on shooting time.
BTW hope your up on Arkansas gun laws.
you are not allowed a loaded gun in the vehicle, all guns must be kept in a gun case, unloaded and no bullets in the same case as the gun while in the vehicle. Only exception is if you have a CCPermit. We have a constitutiinal carry clause for traveling over 25 miles from home but I was advised to not test it as it from a long time ago and outdated so a judge can still rule against it if you are caught in possesion of a loaded gun in a vehicle.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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