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Greetings all. Just joined up as my CZs have been added to today. I have mostly Beretta, Walther and S&W, but a CZ75 was the first semi I ever shot. My favorite 9mm. I also have a CZ38 and just, at long last, found a factory Zadet in box, numbers matching. What a great 22. Real weight and size. They are hard to find up here.

Anyway thanks for having me. I also tried to join but no luck. Proved I wasn't a robot, clicked pictures of stop signs, spelled Scorpion backwards and said what town and state cz usa was in. They will review my application. Really? Check my references? A week later... nada. Oh well. Anyone here accepted into this August group?

I will try to take some pics and send a range report soon on the Kadet.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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