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    Hey guys. I just picked up my first CZ handgun. I've always been a Glock guy but needed something different to round out the collection. Picked up a CZ75D PCR on Friday. I've put a couple of hundred rounds through it in the last 2 days and I'm noticing that the trigger shoe is killing my finger. My Dad too. Even worse on him. The extreme hook just digs into my finger. I like a flat trigger face normally, or at least not as much of an extreme hook. I don't know the CZ aftermarket well yet. Who should I go to for an aftermarket trigger? Or even just a trigger shoe. The trigger pull itself I’m fine with.

    I’m used to the Glock aftermarket where most parts are compatible between models (the same trigger kit workes for a G17, G19, G26, etc...) is it a similar situation with the CZ75 Line?

    Only 200 rounds in so far compared to probably 20,000 rounds or more through my Glocks. But so far I’m really enjoying the CZ. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Check out Cajun Gun Works.

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