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Like my old Walther PPS M1-great gun except when I had to make a mag change.

With my longish fingers, I never felt right dumping the mags with my
trigger finger.

That soured me on the paddle release guns.

Too bad, as the VP9 has delicious ergonomics like a real deal CZ75 or the P-07.
Super duper glow sights that seem to jump out at you, and of course,,,
the H&K name that elevates the price the instant you admire that nice
striker-fired trigger.

The fact that WAlther got smart and now offers the M2 series should show
H&K that some people are just better suited to the Luger/Browning
button release.

I love my slim, flat and easy to reload PPS M2, that yards aheads of the
XDS and G43, but it's still not a CZ.

I've wasted a good amount of gun money with my trail of striker-fired guns in the
search for that perfect polymer framed pistol that I don't have to crank through
from DA to SA.

While it has been kind of fun buying the XD-S (45, 9mm) and Mod 2s (45, 9mm)
the G43 (Faulty Connector Issues that even a Ghost couldn't cure) a Taurus 24/7
and the Walther PPS (M1, M2) along with some others like the Shield and LC9.

My PPS M2 seems to be the pinnacle for a gun that's light enough for my bad back to
support for daily carry, as is my CZ 2075 RAMI, that's still a DA /SA design.

The P-01, PCR, and P-07, P-07 Duty is still a DA/SA design, and I'm just determined to stick
with a striker-fired pistol.

We might and might not see a SS9 from CZUB next year, so the P10 C might be
the best we can get for striker-fired See-Zed goodness.

So, the P10 Compact will be interesting to mess with.

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