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Welcome! There are better and worse states. Most all are unconstitutional, as most require taxes on the right to bear arms in one form or another, as well as restrictions. Even in tn, where its pretty good, I can't carry a sword (arms?) or even a decent knife (arms?) and have to pay a steep tax for a 'permit' to carry a gun. Oddly enough my version of the constitution does not even mention the word gun, it says arms... be it a switchblade or an uzi...

Welcome to the forum. Have an old Dan Wesson. Low #s. Model 14 .357 blue 4" and "Monson" made for the purists. Brochure in the box says, "The most accurate handgun in the world." I am inclined to believe it. The thing practically shoots itself accurately.
This might be the first time I can recall you posting about something you keep around, so it must be very good :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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