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I just bought a used Shadow 1 for a very good price. Since I'm a newbie (2 months shooting) this was jumping into the deep end for me.

The model was one I hadn't heard of and had to look up. The CZ 75 SP01 Shadow Custom Tac II, discontinued in 2017. It is in very good shape and has only a few dings and scratches and the previous owner does seem to have kept it mostly in the closet. He added a Dawson fiber optic front sight. Don't know why it's called a Tac as it doesn't have a rail like the older CZ 75 profiles, but the trigger has obviously been really worked on and the grips are to the point of being a bit too aggressive for me.

I've only shot polymer before but I did try out the feel of several guns at stores and rental at the range. Compared to a Shadow 2 I shot at the range, this trigger is smoother and lighter. Seems to have a 6.5 lb DA pull and around 3 lbs (feels less) in SA. Basically this gun is waaaayyyy above my abilities. I doubt I'll need a better gun for several years if not forever.

The weight is great for recoil but I don't like that for carry or even home defense as I want something I can grab and manipulate quickly and easily given some hand issues. But I can foresee this will become my favorite range toy.

Only thing so far I don't like is I got a blister from shooting on my index finger just below my first knuckle from the edge of the metal trigger. Wonder if I can round that out?

Anyone, happy to join your fraternity! And to think I didn't even consider buying a gun 6 months ago and now have 3!
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