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    HB60 was passed late last night in a last minute bid to expand gun rights. It was sent to Gov. Nathan Deal, who is expected to sign it into law.

    The most important piece of this legislation is that it restores private property rights to churches and private businesses that serve adult beverages, allowing CCW carry in those establishments where they were previously prohibited. The establishments must opt in, and carrying on premises without permission incurs a misdemeanor with a $100 fine.

    The bill also now allows CCW in unsecured public/government locations.

    This is huge for the state for a few reasons. First, the no-carry-in-church was probably the most ignored gun law in the state. Many Georgians felt that churches were prime targets for Mohammedan thugs and crazies. Next, the previous law was vague about CCW in government parks and venues such as state-run farmers' markets. Finally, since over half of the non fast food restaurants have liquor licences, CWP holders were often obliged to leave their weapons in the car if they went inside an establishment with a liquor license.

    The bill had 2 other interesting features:
    - Georgia hunters can now use suppressors while hunting
    - CWP holders cannot have their weapons confiscated during a declared emergency if they break no other law

    Apparently, it was a tough fight all the way to the end for HB60, with anti-gunners throwing up every roadblock that they could think of. But the good guys won this one.
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    Very nice!:)

    Now if they had just legalized in-state production, sales, possession and use of suppressors without federal oversight, it would be truly awesome!

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    Has a church ever been attacked by those people?
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    Crazies, yes, in the USA. Mohammedan thugs on 3 other continents.
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    I love it, especially the no-confiscation law. Out-freaking-standing.