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I bought a couple Israeli police trade ins when AIMSurplus had them in stock. Swapped out the mag brakes on both. On one, 1985 make, the magazine well almost seems to be shallower than the other, which still presses the flat brake against the mag, though it at least mostly drops free now...the other, 1987 make, drops free like a charm, no problem. However.....when I put a new manufactured CZ brand magazine (not a mecgar etc) into the 85, I can't get it in further than about 2/3, close to where the feed lips are near the mag button. On the 1987, 0 issues, new and old mag pops in locks up and drops free. Any guidance? Is the one maybe just a rework rebuilt had issues and is what it is?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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