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New member from Texas

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Hello folks. I am the proud new owner of a CZ 85B Combat and also an SP-01. A friend let me shoot his SP-01 at the range and I fell in love. I am fairly new to the semi automatic shooting world, however I grew up with revolvers, rifles and shotguns while growing up in South Central Louisiana. Doing my best to become proficient and do these fine guns some justice. Hoping to add a CZ 75B-Compact to the collection soon.
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Welcome to the CZ Firearms Forum...from the Cradle of Liberty...Pennsylvania !!

Enjoy our community...
Finally added a 75 Compact to the collection today. Super excited. Put about 50 rounds thru it.
That's a fine did she do !?
Good deal. The Compact is a fun gun to shoot.

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She did fabulous. No FTFs or FTEs using Blazer Brass 115 grain ammo through it. Will take her and my other two babes out for an extended range session on Wednesday. Taking my LTC (license to carry) test on Saturday!
Taking my LTC (license to carry) test on Saturday!

What does the Texas LTC test involve...?!

Written / Oral Test...?
Proficiency with that firearm...?

Here In Pennsylvania...$19 at the County Seat Courthouse after NICS check at Local Police Station. No Tests of any kind...
Sorry, just getting back to you. The Texas LTC process involves approximately six hours of classroom instruction including a written test. Then you have to pass a firearm proficiency test. (Not hard at all if you have been shooting/ practicing.)
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