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I picked up my CZ P-10 C yesterday, my first CZ pistol since the late 90s, which I competed with it. It was a cold day, snow, wintry conditions with winds making it feel like single digits, but the real temperature was around 13 degrees. My fingers suffered, and are still cracked tonight! I buy lots of guns and have done since being a rookie cop, as I sought the perfect pistol, which is never to be found, but I was on a trek nonetheless!

I almost always start straight out of the box shooting at 100 yards on my favorite target, the B27 police qualifying target. Yesterday I included 200 yards as well to shoot my CZ P-10 C for the first time. I like to do this as it sorts out the gun and the shooter right away, and saves on guess, theory and opine, just pure fact, the gun and I shoot well on this day, or we don't shoot well. Yesterday was a good day on all counts! One of those days when everything works, and works well, especially so on such a day where the weather plays a role in the challenge. Great training this is, as bad guys do not send you a text saying they are attacking you later on a beautiful day, no stuff goes south on almost any day, anywhere and you have to be ready whether you are, or not.

Well, I don't want to tell you more than you may want to know, so my video can speak for me here. No video permitted with the first post, so later maybe!

Here is my second video, part two of my evaluation

Here is my first video, right out of the box to shooting this video!

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