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Been much lower at the gunshows this year without any impending gun bans looming over the publics' heads. Still the crowds were o.k. at the Nov. show and better at the Dec. show. Just ain't the standing room only crowds of last year. Still, I did my best to pick up something to give a report on. And of course, ya get some long winded B.S. stories to read through.

Got this gun off an old guy and his wife in a wheelchair. They had come in to buy a .38 snub and had just bought a used Taurus 85. They stopped by my table to check out some used holsters. I noticed what looked like a gun box in the wife's lap under her coat. I had to ask if it was for sale. They said it was now cause they found what they came looking for. It was an LNIB Kahr CW45. Old guy said his wife could not operate it with her severe arthritis. If I wanted the Kahr, they needed 3 bills. He had paid almost 5 for it a couple of years back.

I kinda had to hold back from reaching for my wallet. Being a cheap azz, I had to offer 250. It was worth a try. He said he had given 280 for the .38 and had to get that at least. They settled for 275. WORKED for me and them.

The good thing was that I was going to go get a new compact .45, probably a Glock. I just didn't want to have to pay the retail or even gunshow price on it. I had given the Ruger LC9 that I was carrying to my son on that weekend to carry at his place of business. So, I hit the Kahr just right. Fits right in an IWB holster I got for my Makarov .380 that I never use.

Got this HiPoint .45 off 2 idiots that were trying to sell a rilfle for more than what they gave for it at Wally World. Told them to get real and come down on it. They said they would bring a pistola that they had hardly used cause it was so big and the ammo cost too much. They had given 2 for it and 50 more for a fancy lock box. They wanted 2. Figured it was a HiPoint and told them to bring it to me and I would give them a bill for it cause no one else would. Forgot about them and then they showed up with it. Still wanted 2 bills. Told them that since I was at the back of the show they obviously had not been able to get that from anyone else and their fancy lockbox had no key to lock it. So, it was just a fancy gun box. They gave up and took a bill for it.

And the sorta free Mossy "Plinkster" .22 rifle. Got this gun thrown in as boot on a cheapo gun swap with a guy and his wife. He wanted to trade his pot metal Bryco/Jennings 9 mil. for a like new, super chrome plated, pot metal, LORCIN 9 mil. He didn't have the 50 boot I wanted, so he offered the rifle. I didn't tell him I probably would have swapped the Lorcin for just the rifle and he coulda kept his Bryco/Jennings 9. Anyway, he left and an hour later he came back. He said the gun worked, fine, but he could not work the grip safety on the back cause his hand was too small. He wanted to swap back. I was about to tell him to grow a larger hand. Instead, I told him I normally don't swap back unless I get some boot in the swap again. I kinda had seconc thoughts about the Bryco/Jennings 9 cause it had a cracked grip and the repair/glue job he did appeared to have gummed up the safety lever.

Well, he had no money for a swap and his wife said she was not giving him any. He offered to just let me keep the Plinkster .22 auto rifle if we just swapped handguns back. WORKED for me. Swapped the pot metal pistolas back. At least I know the Lorcin worked cause I had fired it and it was hard to operate the grip safety cause I have small hands and it's a big gun.

The sorta free Mossy Plinkster .22. It will probably get swapped cause I have it's big brother the Mossy 715T tacticool model anyway.

Oh yeah! I know everyone wants to see the LORCIN 9 mil in all it's glorious chrome over pot metal finish. It makes the HiPoint feel light. An early attempt at a blowback 9 mil. It works fine if ya have large hands to work the grips safety. Otherwise ya have to hold it kinda real tight or grow a larger hand. I got this thing in a swap for a gun I did not want that I got in another swap with 50 boot. Now I got a free rifle too and I can swap it again. As long as they don't bring it back!!!!

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