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Not looking to compete but rather going to the range on my own time setting up paper and steel but still run against a timer.
Looking for a flat shooter assisting with faster follow up shots.

One important note is mounting a red dot is of no interest.

These two are about the same price and both are a bit hard to find available at the moment.

Although CZ probably has the most accessories available, I rarely modify firearms and shoot them as is out of the box.
Between the new TS 2 Orange and the DW DWX, which is more desirable right out of the box?

Both have the single action trigger make both attractive.
I am a big fan of 1911s.
Both have a great reputation for accuracy.
CZ's full length rail seems to be slightly better geared toward accuracy.

Is it simply a flip of a coin in deciding?
What other factors should I include in decision making?
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