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  1. bws

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    OK, so these are Czech imports, what's one go for?
  2. oldfrank

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    It all depends. I paid $599 for a SP-01 including FFL fee a few months ago and just bought a P-02 and the total was $570 with my FFL fee.
    Something from the Custom Shop can be in the $1000-$1500 range but that is a done up right gun.
    You can find them used also but they usually don't last long.

  3. Terminatorret

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    I bought a CZ-83, wood grips with 4 mags about two years ago for $300. Love it.
    I bought a CZ-52 with 2 mags and holster about 2 years ago for $160. Love it.
    I bought a CZ-82 with 300 rounds 9x18 FMJ ammo about 4 months ago for $300. Love it.
    I can't make them jam...but I haven't rolled them in mud, yet.
    I'm a Ruger revolver man because they're 100% dependable and built like tanks. But I've found these Cold War CZ's are,too.
    I also own Walther, Kel-Tec, S&W, Diamondback...but..these CZ's will eat any ammo I've ever fed them, are spot-on accurate and...need I say it?...ARE BUILT LIKE TANKS.
    For $300 or less, you can own a quality, accurate, reliable side arm. Why pay more?
  4. larryflew

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    Depends on which one by far. They have everything from smaller $300 ww2 guns to the Parrot race gun at $3000 if you can find one.