OSHA safety instructions in offices

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by AL Gal, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. AL Gal

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    Do any of you have posted the OSHA safety instructions in your office. What to do in a tornado, fire, or a shooter coming into the office?

    The last office I was in was a government contractor and had those in various places in the office.

    I thought it extremely silly cause it wants everyone to hide and then get away. This office was about 50% ex-military, and as I found out over time, there were some carrying at work.

    I would prefer for those carrying to take care of someone coming in and trying to shoot the place up.

    So, what would you expect to happen at work if a shooter came in the front door?
  2. Easy CZ

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    I'm sure he'd have little trouble getting into the building. He'd run into problems when he got to my floor. ;)

  3. Slack

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    My boss would get a very surprised look on his face. My coworker would hit the deck (he has a bit of street smarts). I would duck, draw, and shoot.