P-09 vs Phantom accuracy?

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    I’ve read many a thread where the accuracy of the P-09 has been reported as being the best option for someone looking for a range gun. I’m curious as to why I rarely see the SP-01 Phantom similarly mentioned. Is there an inherent mechanical advantage in the P-09’s Omega system versus the “hybrid” system used by the Phantom? Or is this an issue of anecdotal reporting from a much larger sample size of P-09’s in the hands of shooters? Any thoughts?
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    Im gonna go with this. I don’t own any Omegas, the ones I’ve handled just didn’t jump out at me. My Phantom is just as accurate as my Tactical. I’m sure the P09 is just as accurate as the Phantom. I mean, after all it is a CZ

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    Everyone wants to be right, and most choose THEIR OWN selections when asked on the net. The other factor is the shooter who makes such claims. Is this person someone who can shoot ANY GUN accurately, much less a specific gun! If you give a PROVEN MASTER SHOOTER both models, then you may have a good case, but gun to gun of each gun model has good shooters and bad shooters, which one you get is luck of the draw. So for a range gun, I think most guns, even the cheaper models can outshoot most of the shooters shooting them!

    For Example, the low cost High Point .45 ACP, would most think this gun is accurate, probably not, but I have shot mine at 100 yards, put nails through a board with it, and much more! Just shows most guns shoot better than it's owner.

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    The Phantom and P09 utilize somewhat different designs/methods to lock up the barrel when firing. This is likely the source of the difference in mechanical accuracy.