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I have 2 Cajunized CZ's and am having issues, especially with the PCR firing out of battery resulting in squibs. This happened twice. The shot feels normal but the following round won't chamber, thank God. The case is blackened assuming from the blow back. The first squib could be seen at the edge of the lands, the second squib was about 1/4 inch further into the barrel. I'm thinking my reloads COL is a bit long at 1.12 and perhaps the reason the slide isn't going to battery. Regardless, the firearm should not fire in this condition. 124 gr RN seated at 1.07 don't seem to have any issues. I'm using 4.8 gr CFE Pistol.
The Shadow 2 will fire when I move the slide out of battery. I'm wondering if this is normal for the PCR and Shadow2, or the result of a Cajun GW upgrade.
My satisfaction with the triggers on both is another story for another day.
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