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Probably going to dump my P-07... my first gun!

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Hey all,

My first gun was a CZ P-07 Duty in 9mm. I use it as a range/self defense gun and conceal/carry it sometimes. I've enjoyed shooting it at the range. But I think I'm going to have to sell it and get something else.

I took it to a Tactical Response 2-Day Fighting Pistol Course and had some problems where I'd sometimes get a double feed when I'd rack the slide.

The 1st time it happened I chalked it up to 1 in a million bad luck.

After it happened a couple more times I blamed myself thinking I had readjusted by grip and hung my pinky over the ejection port (readjusted my grip because my fingers were chewed up from racking it a billion times).

Then I went home and started Dry Fire practicing and it happened some more. I think I've finally identified the true culprit.

The problem, as I see it, is the combination of the small surface area available to rack the slide (due to the slide riding inside the frame and the angles cut off the slide to make it low profile) and the giant, lever style, extractor. What is actually happening is that as I rack it I'm putting a good grip on it to make sure I get the job done and I'm depressing the extractor which is causing it NOT to engage the round in the chamber and thus not extract it.

When I thought it was just my hanging my pinky over the ejection port I thought, perhaps, I could just fix it with training. Now that I see that I am gripping the extractor and disabling it I feel as though it is too likely I'll cause an FTE under stress and I can't be babying or paying attention to the level of detail on simply racking the slide.

I'm sad to have to post this since the P-07 was my first firearm and I wanted to love it. Except for this problem I do love it... but it is a show stopper for me.
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I made the mistake of buying the P07 in 40 rather than 9.I just couldn't warm up to it.I traded it off for a PPQ also in 40,I shoot it much better,but still havin fits with 40!
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