Public schools vs. home school

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    I know this is neither politics nor religion but it is controversial. My kids attended public schools. I was a very involved parent with the schools and made my presence known. I feel my kids got a decent education in the public schools. I do know families that home school. Somehow, I think something is missing in a home schooled environment. I think having our kids 'survive' a public school environment is a learning experience in and of itself. I know many disagree. I'd like to hear the opinions of others. Though, I must say, my kids are all grown and out on their own. It was a HUGE sigh of relief when they were finally all done with school. Crazy busy and tumultuous time.
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    I don't disagree, I prefer for them to go to school, helps them with social skills and a whole lot more, the face to face interaction is better for the development of a child. This is just my .02

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    I think parents should have the right to school their kiddos where they choose. I worked for the federal govt. overseas until 1983 and decided it was time to come back home so my 3 kids could experience American life. They went to Riverdale (Maryland) Elementary and there were two drive-by shootings of the playground there in the first year alone. To be fair, these happened after school when the drug dealers infested the ball court but my kids didn't benefit much from the experience, in retrospect. The issue of home schooling wasn't an issue for my family as we needed to both work in the DC area due to the cost of living. I will say that the govt. likely should NOT subsidize private schooling if that ever becomes a choice as my tax dollars (through our county property taxes) go to pay for a very expensive school district now and private schooling or home schooling dipping into that pot of money likely would get even more expensive. In a couple years, I will be old enough to apply for the Texas Homestead exemption and thus stop paying property taxes and will not give a hooooooot whether the Govt. decides to do school vouchers, parents home school or we just put every kid between 7 and 18 in boot camp where most of them would benefit. hehe:cool:

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    I wish public schools offered (required?) some level of physical fitness to move up each year and to graduate. We have raised an entire generation with very little interest in physical activities. Long term health consequences are likely.

    In a similar vein, but not associated with schools, insurance companies could offer incentives (lower premiums) for people who can achieve / maintain a certain level of physical fitness.

    I can easily see problems with implementing these pipe dreams, but the basic idea remains: Americans are much less physically fit than they used to be. We need to get better fit.
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    My neighbors home schooled their two kids. Now that they have grown older, I see they are uncomfortable around other kids, and seem introverted. My kids, who went to public schools, seem more adjusted to their peers and are extroverted. I know it is not a scientific study, but just reporting what happened in my neighborhood.
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    I am a big believer in home school. I have 5 kids, two graduated public school, three now in homeschool. I found out the public schools were teaching 16 genders, that Marxism was the ideal economic system, math has many correct answers,and that we owed reparations.
    Now my wife teaches a bible based curriculum and the whole family has benefited.