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Rami EDC. Safety version.

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Ordered Night sights and Prestige Grips. Going to CGW upgrade kit the rami soon too. All my other CZ are CGW upgraded so I have to keep the muscle memory close!

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I love the Rami! Still waiting to get one -- there's too much on the list!
The safety version of the 9MM Rami has been my constant companion for the better part of two years now. Simply put, I love this little pistol. It has never had the first malfunction and it shoots with amazing accuracy, especially for such a short barrel. I also like the flexibility afforded by having the option to use either the 10 round magazine or the 14 round magazine. I'd encourage anyone who's looking for a good dependable pistol for concealed carry to take a serious look at one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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