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Almsot 13 years of mostly EDC. Some lihter guns like the LCR every once and a while.
But my RAMI or a RAMI P (for a year) for the most part.

I like to play around with new guns, but they seem to come and go.

Not so with the RAMI.

Every ear I think a new gun will replace it..or a RAMI BD.

Maybe in a few months if they startmaking RAMI BDs again.

CZUB is dead set on P10C production right now.

Enjoy the pics.

Any questions about the RAMIs or other CZs, feel free to contact me.

[email protected]


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Rami's are a little Scarce around here. The Denver area.
I'm on some waiting lists but who really knows. When I purchased my CZ 75D Compact last week the dealer had one. It was sold over the weekend and they said I can order one but they won't stock them anymore.
I'm going for a Test Drive later this week and check them out.
You all have a Very nice looking Rami.
Those wood Grips Shine like a Diamond in a Goats A??
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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