Really Impressed with the SP01...

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  1. kevinfromwebb

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    I bought a new SP 01 a couple of months ago and I'm really impressed with it... All I've shot out of it so far is 115g and 124g hardball... Haven't had a hiccup and I've got a few hundred rounds so far... Personally I like the ambi safety and the stock night sights... It's big and heavy for a 9mm but it shoots very accurately and low felt recoil...
    I've got a couple of older CZs, 70 and 82... A friend I go to the range with has one of the compact 75s and the ergos are just great... I'm mainly a Glock or Kel Tec guy when it comes to carry and house guns due to their simplicity but the CZ just shoots so good I couldn't resist... As for accuracy the SP 01 is what I can shoot best with...
    I had picked up and handled an PO 1 at a gun show a few months ago and the grip and feel were just right... I did a bit of research and picked the SP 01 and found one at the next gun show... Bigger and the same familiar grip, sold...
    A few weeks later I saw a PO 2 at the gun show... Like I said, I like the safety over the decocker... I didn't pick the PO 2 up and they had sold it the next week... They said they would get one before the next gun show in a couple of weeks and if they're true to their word I'll be taking one home... If not I'll have to order one online...
    One more comment and question: the friend that has the compact only has a couple of 10 rounds mags, it was an older gun... I had told him I had been told that the newer mags would work also... When we were shooting I put in the mag from the SP 01 and it worked well... Just like putting a glock 17 mag in a glock 19... The question: the PO 2 has the omega trigger, will it feel much different than the SP 01 trigger???
    Thanks, Kevin
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    Hey, Kevin. Congrats on your SP-01. Those are beautiful firearms.

    I frequently use full-size CZ75 mags in my Compact. They're great for reloads.

    Welcome to CZ Talk.

  3. kevinfromwebb

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    I answered my own question Wednesday at the range... I picked up the PO-2 last weekend and took it and the SP-01 to the range...
    The Omega trigger in the PO-2 felt just a bit smoother, lighter, and seemed to break a bit cleaner than the SP-01... Not a lot of difference but it's there...
    Both completely stock guns... And both highly recommended...

  4. Bidah

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    Yes, the Omega trigger will feel better out of the box. Get some trigger parts and you can really make the SP-01 sing a different tune.
  5. oldfrank

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    My results with the SP-01 too. A great,great gun.

    I have modified mine to be very close to a Shadow and out of probably 3000 rounds, I have never had a jam, misfeed, or any failures at all.
    I did have to go to an oversize safety as I could not reliably release the safety without shifting my grip.
  6. larryflew

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    Little work into that SP01 and you will have an awesome gun. Like Frank I upgraded until the only thing missing to be an SP01 Shadow (also have) is the adjustable trigger reset. 3.5 trigger on the Shadow and 4 on the other.
  7. robertk7

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    omega trigger observations

    I also like the omega trigger smoothness out of the box but the reset out of the box SA is quite long even compared to the regular trigger. I was surprised it was so long, clean and crisp but long. I think CGW has something for it but don't own one to work with.