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    Just wanted to introduce myself. Live in Southern PA, near Oxford. Started shooting pistols about two years ago, and like a lot of people ended up buying all kinds of guns while trying to determine what I liked. At one point owned three Glock's, a 43 to carry concealed, a 17 for my nightstand and a G45 which was my first Glock. All 9MM. Also two Rugers, a SR1911 Target and a Mark IV stainless target barrel. Never liked shooting the 43, so didn't practice with it hardly at all. Shot a buddies 75D Compact and that was it! Started with a 75D Compact, then a 75B and recently added a SP-01 Shadow Orange. The Glock's and the 1911 are all gone to help fund the CZ collection. Looking forward to learning more via this forum.
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    Good to hear you like yours. I just picked up my first CZ (CZ-75C) a couple of weeks ago. I love it. I also own a VZ-82, which is a double stack pistol chambered in 9x18 (Makarov) that was made by CZ for the Czechoslovakian military back during the cold war. I love my CZ-75C, and it's the best pistol I've ever owned. Don't plan on getting rid of the others, though, since they all have a place in my collection/rotation.