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Well, I can't see much. But I like to believe I am ready for hunting season like everyone else. So, I pulled out a couple of rifles that would be the most likely ones to be used. But, I will be checking a few others. The 2 guns were Remmy 700s that I got recently in .243 cal. One is a poly stocked one and the other a Walnut and blue one.Both have 3X9X32 optics. I will be using my standard Hornady 87 gr. BTHP bullet over just enough IMR 4831 plwder to get @ 3100 FPS. Using Remington cases and CCI large rifle standard primers. The load has been extremely accurate in just about all .243s I have fired it in. No smokin' hot load. Just @ factory specs. Day was almost dead still, bench rested at 100 ds, using my wife's bath towels as sandbags.(not a good thing)

First one is the 700 poly & black. Shots will be alternating between shots on all three guns to allow for maximum barrel cooling for cold bore shtots.

Test target is a standard Pancho El Cheapo, 15" pizza box with several 1" marks for the bolt rifles and a 2" mark for the H&K .308. The poly stocked REm did very well withthe load at @ a half inch spread and one inhc high over the P.O.A. Might give it another half inch or so up, but it is o.k. for 300 yds.

The walnut and blue 700 bolt gun with the same load. A pic of the gun.

And the test target for the wood and blue gun. Spread on the shtos was @ an inch, but that could have been me. Elevationover POA is @ 1 1/2" which is perfect for a 300 yd. zero. Still have a box and a half of this stuff loaded, so we are good for the season if I get the crazy Idea I can actually see deer to hunt them.

The H&K 91 in .308. It is a Fed ARms built gun. Can;t see well enough tot use the peep sights, so an optic of 3X9X40 was added and half azz checked 2 years ago with Rem ammo. This time, ammo is 150 gr. Tula steel case. Gun is not going to be for anyting but plinking or SHTF stuff. Gonna see if the Tua Ammo is in the ball park with the Remington stuff. It does not help that the trigger gtroup on this gun is from a selective fire H&K G3 that is converted to semi auot only. So the let off is a bit stiff. Not as good as a commercialone.

And the test target. Ammo in the ball park. Good enough for a battle rifle anyway. Since it was built from a G3 kit, no telling how many rounds have been through the barrel. Spread is @ 3" at 100 yds. Could use a few clicks to the right, but it is o.k. for plinking.

Still have a few .270s to do, but later. We don't use them much.

It's a gun forum. So, I posted some guns stuff.:D

Also had to check the zeor one an H&K 91 clone in .308 that I half azz zeroed @ 2 years ago. Couldn't find much ammo untill now even if it was Wally World's Tula steel case at 10 bucks a box of 20. Got 5 boxes. Last stuff I used was some Remington 150 gr. FMJ. at 50 yds. Didn't shoot muchof it cause all I had was 40 rounds. Gonna just see if it is in the ball park for plinking with it, even if the stuff is 50 cents a pop. The Rem, Winch, Federal stuff is more like a buck a pop if ya can find it.

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Always a good idea to check a rifles zero before hunting. Looks like you have some good rifles to test out, i need to check out my 204 and 223 for coyotes and the 06 for deer. Currently playing with the new 17 hornet.
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