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Second time I have had an issue with Federal, Black & Red Box 9mm ammo from Walmart, ten bucks or so

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This happened to a round in my Glock 19, and now one round in my CZ P-10 C. I think it didn't seat all the way, but 100 % sure since I was shooting in the dark. I put another 200 through it, one mag after another, to sort it out without incident, but most of that was a different brand.

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I have now shot over 400 rounds of this ammo without issue so far, since the one round that did not fire. I had two failed to chamber issues with my Glock 19, so this cheaper ammo can have issues, but rarely at best.
I have went through hundreds of these rounds without issue since the prior reported issues with more than one gun. Good Practice ammo.
The only ammo I have had any issues with in a CZ 75D compact was Freedom Munitions 135 gr HP remanufactured. Pretty consistent FTE and FTF. CZ honed the chamber and it was somewhat better but still had issues. The last of this ammo I had ran fine through a SA XD-e. Prefer the CZ hands down.
Had the syntactic coated projectiles come out of the case in my S&W 929 on quite a number of occasions, only use them in my Shadow 2 now, never again in a revolver
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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