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Should I buy a P 07 ?

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Hi There, I am new to the sport and to this forum and, after a few weeks of research, have decided to purchase my first handgun a CZ P 07. Now, I have a question for Forum members should I order the gun with the Safety or with the De-cocker installed?

I have little experience and want to be as sure as I can be that I have the gun configured to deliver the best overall level of safety as I use it and carry it on my belt.
Your comments are welcome..
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New owner here of a CZ P-07. I have always been a fan of Sig pistols with de-cockers . . . so I got my CZ in the same configuration, with the de-cocker installed. I prefer it for carry. That said, your pistol will come with the part needs to change it from de-cocker to safety and back. Not sure how hard that is to do . . .
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