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    Happy Monday to the group. I am a recent (last six months) convert from Glock to CZ, with my first two CZ's being a 75D Compact, and a full size 75B. Shooting 124G in both weapons. A little over a month ago I raided the piggy bank and purchased a SP-01 Shadow Orange (original, not II). Ran 500 rounds of 124G through it zero issues. Trying to shoot 147G for multiple reasons, and having a problem. The gun will fire perfectly, and then all of a sudden it won't fire. It goes into DA mode, and if I pull the trigger again the round will fire and eject. First I thought it was me, screwed something up cleaning the weapon, oil on the firing pin, etc. Super careful cleaning, same issues. It is not the ammo or the magazines, because I have run 200 rounds of the same ammo out of the same magazines through the 75B with zero problems. The 147G shoots so soft through this gun, really want to sort this out. Before I start swapping all kinds of springs, etc. asking for some input from the board. Thank you in advance.