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Ok I finally finished re-finishing my TZ99. What I actually did to the pistol. I stripped, polished, and refinished the steel parts (slide, hammer, levers and buttons) with several coats of Birchwood Casey cold blue. It wasn't super dark, but it matches the aluminum alloy frame, (which I just stripped and brushed with a brass brush on my dremel), pretty well. Someone had mentioned putting a sealant on the aluminum to prevent tarnishing and corrosion, so I thought I might look into that soon. That's about all I did, and I am pretty well satisfied. Oh yeah, please remind me to NEVER take the internals apart on this gun ever again. 7 springs, (3 of which are very tiny) for the decocker/slide release, mag release, hammer block/trigger mechanism, main/hammer spring, and return springs for the slide release/decocker levers. Never again will I tackle that unless something breaks. God forbid! LOL
Here's some pics


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