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Thoughts on Carrying a Polished Sp-01?

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Im in the hunt for a Sp-01 tactical with a threaded barrel (since threaded barrel are apparently so hard to find new). I found one locally but there is a twist (maybe considered for the better by some) it has fully polished internals including a fully polished barrel and frame rails. While I don’t care much for the shiny barrel I am concerned about the corrosion resistance of the gun as I plan to carry this gun a decent amount and not always in the best conditions. Are the 75 series guns and barrels made of a corrosion resistant steel alloy? I assume they are to some extent because I know polishing these guns is common practice and I can’t imagine people would do it if the guns would rust or require constant protection via oil or other liquid coating applications.

Thoughts? Id really like to carry it but don’t wanna deal with always keeping a thin layer of oil on the finish or be chasing rust spots.

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Is this a polished stainless steel gun or a polished blue steel gun? The stainless steel gun will resist rust and can get hand polished to remove any small amount of rust that might appear. Blue steel will need to have the rust removed and reblued. As for threaded barrels, I just ordered and had fitted a threaded barrel match grade barrel for my P01 SDP model from Barsto Barrels. Contact them if you want a threaded barrel and can't locate one. I called and talked to them about what I wanted and they were very helpful and friendly to talk with. They include thread protectors in the price for their threaded barrels.

Link below or call them for specific information at (605) 720-4000.

Link to Barsto Barrels
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