TZ75 Series 88

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    I was wondering if any CZ owners have owned any of the CZ clones? I have never owned a CZ but I have a TZ75 Series 88, and I love it! The action is smoother than any gun I have ever owned. If the CZ guns are as smooth and well balanced as the TZ I am going to buy one next.
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    I have three examples of clones - well actually 2. I had 2 large frame steel Witnesses in 45ACP, but I gave one to my brother for a birthday.

    The third is a Witness small frame Silver Team. It is a "game" gun, single action, and came with a frame mounted optics rail and a cocker which replaces the rear sight. It is one sweet shooting handgun, accurate to a fault with 124-125 grain ammo. Not so accurate with 115s and can't handle WWB at all, being pretty tight tolerance.

    Here is a pic of the small frame (L) next to a transitional 75B and an 82.

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    I have a Tanfoglio TZ75 9mm and it is a great pistol. Action is very smooth and trigger pull is excellent. Don't know how to post pics yet.
    Mfd. in 1985. I e-mailed the company in Italy and received the specs.