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In early January I was on the CZ-USA site and they had a listing for a LE/MIL distributor in Seymour, Indiana. I called them and they said they could sell me a CZ P10s for $468 + tax. I decided I would purchase two or possibly three of them and I can't find their information at all. I searched the CZ-USA site for their LE/MIL dealers with no luck. I did find a local distributer to me that is listed as a LE/MIL but the price they quoted me was within $2 of any gun shop that handles CZ. They quoted me a price of $547.40 without the Optics sight Ready. RKguns has the Optics Ready P10s for $549.97, so the LE/MIL dealer is actually quite a bit higher if you consider the Optics Ready option.
I don't know that I need the Optics Ready model but why not have it should I ever change my mind? I have never owned a CZ before but found one in a LGS and it had a really good feel and really looks like a good quality gun.
Another thing that bothers me is when on the CZ site that have ALL the P10 series guns listed as DIS-CONTINIUD. I don't understand that. They had nothing listed that would be taking the place of the P10 series guns.
Seems that every time I decide to buy something it is immediately obsolete or discontinued.
I found the P10s online much cheaper but by the time I pay shipping (if any) plus the FFL fees to another dealer and all the hassle, it takes the price back to what I could purchase from RKguns.
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