What sights to get? Trx truglo or the standard dawson night sights

Discussion in 'CZ Pistol Forums' started by Czp07110, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Czp07110

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    Hi just got my new p07 new to cz's and sa/da pistols. I've usually had striker fire pistols.
    Anyways, i talked to cz usa and they said trx is making their night sight fiber optic sights for the p07... but i can't seem to find them anywhere. Nor do they seem to be listed.. apparently the front sight for a p10c is the same as a po7 but the rear sights are different? Ive heard some people have put on p 75 sights on their p07's but some tend to shoot high? Anyone know what i should get?

    Or i could just get the dawson p07 night sights. But I kinda wanted those trx pro's.. i'd search but i don't see a search function on this forum . Thanks for any insight.
  2. Jeeps

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    Does CZ USA have other night sights that are in stock they could send you/install for you that would appeal to you?

    it may be worth calling Tru Glo and asking if they have an ETA for the P07 sight sets.

    The TFX PRO’s are great sights. Had them on other guns before, but I switched to just tritium so I’m using the tritium only truglo pro sights on my P01. No experience with the Dawson’s but I’ve read nothing but good things about them.