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Hello...I'm looking to purchase a red dot optic mount for my CZ TSO and Trijicon SRO. It's a toss-up between the Cajun Gun Works and CZ Customs frame mounted optic mount. I don't have access to either of the products physically, so I don't know which one will be most suitable in the long run. I don't compete or plan to compete, just love to own and target practice with the TSO to further develope target acquisition and accuracy.

On a side note, the factory gas pedal/thumb rest on the TSO is not very comfortable. My left thumb is more comfortable just resting and pushing up against the flat surface area on the slide lock. If I do decide to go with the CGW or CZC gas pedal, which one is most comfortable and adaptable to various thumb placement angles? I would also prefer the gas pedal to be closer to the flat face on the slide lock. Then again, possibly go without the gas pedal.

From what I can see by the images on the CZC site, the top of the mount has many holes drilled to fit various optics. If the SRO is mounted as far back as possible on the mount, are the holes near the front of the mount exposed in front of the base of the SRO?

If anyone has experience with either product, please share your thoughts. All are welcome.
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