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Hunting and guns are some of the things that Aaron is very passionate about. He writes for Gun Mate and in other websites where he shares information on these, interacting with bloggers and other gun enthusiasts like me. This article that he has written talks about some of the CZ guns available in the market and the valid reasons for keeping one at home

Currently, many people are still not convinced that having a gun is a valid move. They say that these kill people. But if you really think about it, a gun on its own cannot kill people. A trigger will always stay still on its own unless someone tries to shoot it. Therefore, what are the valid reasons why people should have CZ firearms locked up somewhere inside a house or a car?

Acceptable Reasons to Own a CZ

Protection from unlawful people.

Even if you would like to think that all people have the ability to summon their good self, this is not always the case. If this was true, then you would not be seeing news of people being taken advantage of thieves, murderers, rapists and muggers. It's either a choice between your own safety and criminals having their way most of the time. At the end of the day, it's not only you but the protection of your family that should come first. Even with police officers on patrol, a few seconds with or without the protection of a gun matters when life is at stake. .

Leisure benefits of a sport.

Some people are great with archery, basketball, football, fishing, or golf. For some, target shooting can be likened to these kinds of activities. Why? It requires the same concentration to shoot a ball in the basket as to shoot the bullseye with a pistol. It can be an enjoyable and a relaxing experience at the same time.

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Hunting is legal in your country.

In the wild, it's either you are the one hunting or the one being hunted. Since the beginning of time, man has been engaged in hunting activities as a way to provide food on the table. You can still get to keep this ancient heritage albeit doing it the modern way with the use of a CZ firearm. If you have a farm and want to keep the animals away from it or from yourself, this too is considered a legal reason why you ought to have one with you at hand.

These are great investments

When you buy a cool laptop or a phone now, you will find that the next year, these are already up for sale for half that price. The reason why many investors would rather buy gold bullions and rare coins is their prices appreciate in time. Just like wine tastes better after several years, guns are not affected by price instability commonly attributed to electronic goods. If kept in good condition, you can sell these for even a higher price a few years from now

To build up a worthy collection.

Building a collection of something is like building a heritage that can be passed down to future generations. Pictures can tell your great granddaughter how you looked great when you were really younger. But a collection of guns displayed in the gallery could better tell them about your passion of game hunting. This too could pass down your passion on the use of guns or to just have something that you can show to your best buddies and share a talk with.

Some CZ Product Review

Now that you have been given a glimpse on the reasons why you need to have a CZ gun, it's time to have a closer look at some of the firearms offered by this company.

1. CZ P-09 Duty

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Polymer pistol guns are the trend these days and CZ is not to be outdone by is competitors. It recently released the P-09, a pistol type gun that features a 19 plus 1 capacity magazine. What makes this gun unique is the versatility it offers with its adjustable grips. It can be altered in accordance to the user's comfort. You can customize this with the use of small, medium or large backstraps. Many CZ P-09 Duty reviews commended this gun for its Omega trigger system. This will allow you to have improved and better trigger pulls where you can use this with the standard decockers installed or have this customized with the included safety that comes with the manual's instructions. The P-09 comes complete with two 19 round magazines that have double stack design.

2. CZ 75B Compact

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The CZ 75 Compact is the flagship pistol that was designed by this Czech company back in 1975. This became the very basis of other pistol designs since then including the Many CZ 75B compact, a pistol that is a smaller version of the CZ 75B. Compared to the original CZ 75B, this one is easier to conceal because of its miniaturized size. If you want a pistol that you can comfortably hide under a jacket, this one is a perfect choice. The 75B compact gives you the option to use it in a single to double operation. While the gun was made tinier than its predecessor, it still packs on some weight because of its steel body. In the firing range, this gun performs like that of a full handgun, just without the added bulk

3. CZ P-07 Duty

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The P-07 is the CZ polymer gun that has the qualities of the old CZ 75 pistol but has a futuristic appeal with its looks. Because it has a polymer body, it's a bit lighter which makes it perfect as a concealed weapon or for home defense use. Unlike other guns, this one offers solid shots and performs great when it comes to accuracy too. The grip offers extra support and sits well in hands even is these are drenched in sweat from all that work. Just like the P-09, this too has an Omega trigger system. If you are a leftie, then you will probably want this one as it offers a reversible magazine release and ambidextrous decockers.

Why own a CZ and not just any type of firearm? A gun is an investment that you want to have the added benefit of function and durability. CZ firearms are used by the Czech national police and you know how guns can be used and abused in this job. Even other countries are now using CZs, a verification of what these guns can do out in the field. If a CZ gun can pass the requirements of the police, then surely it can exceed civilian expectations.

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Author: Aaron Mulligan, -Aaron creates incredible content for Gun Mate, Hunting Magazines as well as being a regularly contributor for other hunting websites. His expertise has seen him camp alongside some of the greatest campers, trekkers and adventure seekers in the world - unfortunately he hasn't cracked the Kokoda Trail. You can grab him on Google+ or via his current Twitter Profile: @Gun_Mate
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