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I've been a Huge Fan of Wooden Grips for MANY years. I just purchased a 2nd Set of Marschal Grips for my 75 BD 9mm which are darker and price climbed a little with a Longer waiting period than the 1st set and 1 set for my 83 and after almost 5 months of waiting with this Pandemic and Value Rising and also have some Really Nice Rubber Palm Swell Grips and 2 Sets of Plastic Grips and Just when I received my 3rd set the last couple of weeks ago and the other set is a Lighter Color and same style would these Marschal Grips being 90.00 x 3 of them would you think it's better to Sell the 2 Pistols Separate from the 5 sets of Grips that are almost 400.00 in to Value or would that be too much to try to recover and just sell the All the extra Grips on eBay besides the Sets a Buyer would like and Sell all of these New Set of Grips and see what I can get for them ?
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