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WTB CZ (and other!) .380s

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I'm still looking for the following pistols - in .380 ACP/9mm Kurz/9mm Corto/9mm Court/9mm Brevette/9mm Browning Short only: American Arms ZC-380; Astra Constable Mod. 500; Beretta M-1934 w/Walther-style slide safety; Beretta M-1934 Finnish contract; Beretta Model 83F; Beretta Model Model 83FS; Bernardelli P6; Bernardelli P8; Bryco M-5; Campeon; CZ-67; Dickson Special Agent; Erma KGP-38; FN Model 1910 Peruvian Army contract; FN M-1922 "C.P.I.M." Belgian Political Police; FN M-1922 Danish contract; FN M-1922 Romanian contract; FN M-1922 Turkish NCO; FN M-1922 Yugoslavian intermediate contract; Glock Model 25; Kel-Tec P-11 export; Le Page; Llama VI; Madison; Mann; Menz PB Special; Mugica 105; Mugica 105G; Norinco PPN; Pyrenees Model 21; QFI Tigress; Sharpshoter; SITES Resolver M380; Star 1910 first model; Star 1910 second model; Star 1914; Star 1919 pocket; Star 1919 long barrel; Star Model D Super; Star Model DKL; Star Model I; Tauler Model II; Tauler Model III; Venus Waffenfabrik; Walman; Walther PP Peruvian contract; Walther PP Turkish contract; Walther PP/L; Walther PPK Peruvian contract; Walther PPK/L; Walther PPK "Last Edition"; Ydeal.
I'm also looking for Colt M-1908 contract guns - Concession Francaise Changhai, Shanghai Water Works, Shanghai Metropolitan Police w/Colt installed device, commercial M-1908 w/lanyard loop, Birminghm Police Department, Detroit Police Department, Gloversville Police Department, Lorain Police Department, Medford Police Department, Woonsocket Police Department. Also any FN M-1910's and M-1922's and Savages similarly marked.
And looking for shoulder stock/holsters for CZ-28!
OH! And a Frommer Stop .380 bolt!!!
Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! If you have any old, odd, or old AND odd .380s, please let me know!
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