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CZ P-06 40S&W For Sale or Trade

Sell for $675 Shipped (FFL to FFL)

Trade for CZ SP-01 or similar CZ model in 9mm

CZ 75D Compact Model P-06 -.40 S&W - 4/2016
Trigger Wts. = DA 7.5# / Half Cock 7.0# / SA 3.75#
CGW=Cajun Gun Works
CGW Spring Kit: 13# hammer spring, RP FP spring, RP FP Block spring
CGW Extended Firing Pin w/ CGW FP-pin
CGW Short RS Lifter
CGW Hammer
CGW Trigger return spring
CGW Floating Trigger Pin
Mepro-Light PO-1 (#4) Night Sights
CZ Factory flat recoil spring w/ poly guide rod
CZ Stock Rubber Grips w/stainless grip screws
CZ Stock Sear
CZ Stock trigger
2 Factory 10 rd. mags. w/ CZ plate extensions
8 rd. flush fit factory mag (from Rami .40) /CZ Rubber bumper plate
Factory Case w/ paperwork

Payment by USPS money order or Paypal with selling price NET to me.
Shipping FFL to FFL
(Located in Conway/Myrtle Beach area of SC for face to face)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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