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You can only pick 1

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I'm sure this questioned gets asked alot so i apologize in advance...
If you can only have 1 CZ PISTOL which would you choose. I do not have the pleasure of owning a cz yet, but I'm in the market for one now. I'm sure most will tell me to go with the classic 75, and i probably will, but i love the way the modern versions look. I do want what ever i choose to be a "true" cz. Man, those shadow 2's are sexy though. I really would love feedback from you "veteran" CZ nuts. Especially if you've shot them all.
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"Especially if you've shot them all."

Shooting them all by an unknown person only has value when they are shot by someone with the skillsets, and experience to make a detail report regarding the performance of the gun in comparison to others, even non-CZ firearms. If you asked folks what stock car would be better, would you value the opine of Richard Petty or your uncle Joe who drives his 1969 Chevy Nova? The gun world is the same, everyone with a checkbook or credit card can buy a gun, but are they of the level where their opinion would sway the choice of your personal preference in which weapon you would trust your life to in a life and death scenario. A lot of folks here on the internet are Uncle Joe, and some are Jeff Gordon, and you have to have the skills to know the difference before buying a gun unless money or safety is not an issue!

You will hear some say, "here is my EDC or the gun I carry!" Someone saying that means nothing, as carrying a gun is like wearing pants, everyone here does that, so a little separation from someone who not only CARRIES, but can shoot, knows when to shoot, and knows who to shoot if they should shoot at all. If they do shoot, they hit where they want it to go, under life and death stress in a volatile situation ... not an easy task in the real world! A high percentage will recommend their gun to validate that they are smart enough to have made the best choice! Like all the competitors at an event in the winter Olympics, they all feel they are right, but you may notice that ONLY ONE PERSON STANDS ALONE WEARING GOLD.

Find that man or women, and ask again!
Well my friend, you are 100% correct in your assessment. Great response.
My favorite and consistently most accurate gun is my PCR at 10, 15 and 25yrds [I don't bother to waste bullets at five and seven yards].
It must be the ergonomics of the gun, my hand size and my truglo pro orange front night sights.
Granted, my CZ 75B Omega and my P-01 Omega are very accurate as well, but I am unrelentingly confident with my PCR.
My P-01 Omega takes a lot of concentration for me to be as accurate.
If I had to pick up just one CZ for everything it would have to be a P-10C Optics Ready.

It indexes and presents from appendix concealment equally as well as my P-07 but conceals easier. I made it to A class in USPSA carry optics with a P-10F but the C would have worked just as well as optics negate the sight radius advantage of the F.

With that pistol I can do everything from concealed carry to home defense to USPSA competition just about equally well.
I have a P07 and a P01. I would go with my P07 right out of the box. If we can mod them then my P01 with a trigger job.
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